Ready Meals


Frozen Ready Meal

(Also sold in ASDA Stores in London and Essex)

In 2006 we set up a fully equipped EU approved and SALSA certificated facilities to produce a complete frozen pie, mash and liquor ready meal. We have been fortunate enough to see continued growth with this product and from autumn 2013 a chilled ready meal with also be available.

Each ready meal consists of high quality pie pastry, with 100% Scottish beef. Along with our pies the parsley liquor and mash are all freshly made and are free from artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives.

All the meals are conveniently packaged in a three compartment EU regulated PET tray

Pie: 100% Scotch beef, Gravy, Flour, Fat, Meat Stock, Salt, Pepper, No additives.
Mash: Potato, Water, Salt, No additives.
Liquor: Potato Stock, Parsley. Salt, natural thickening agent (flour), No additives.

Nutritional declaration.

All of our products have been tried, tested and approved.

Where to buy?

Robins frozen meals are sold in many respected shops around the UK

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